Gerakas Beach

Gerakas is the southern beach of the island and for sure one of the most beautiful.
It consists of a long sand tongue ending in a small promontoryGeraka diving in the sea.

The promontory is very famous since it is entirely made of clay and in the past was used by the tourists to get a regenerating “clay therapy”.

Today, the final part of the beach is closed Gerakasbecause too many people pulled off the clay, making the ridge unsafe.
From May to October for those who would like to wake up before dawn, there is the possibility to assist to the turtles’ eggs hatching and admire tens of specimens trying to reach the sea.


This beach is a protected area of the Zakynthos Marine Park because of the turtles’ choice to go there to hatch, and in addition to the fact that it doesn’t offer any tourist devices the access is forbidden from half an hour before the sunset to half an hour after dawn.